Changing mindsets: encouraging law teachers to think beyond text


  • Emily Allbon University of London


The law student learning experience is still a predominantly textual one in the UK; students are expected to do a significant amount of reading in preparation for lectures and tutorials. Research around transmedia and multimodality shows us that engagement levels can be much heightened when different formats are used in teaching materials. This piece gives insight into the creation of a resource aimed at inspiring UK teachers of law to use more visual methods of communicating the law.

tl;dr: the less textual legal gallery, is a showcase of legal learning and communication materials focusing on visual and alternative modalities. Its collections are created by a diverse range of individuals, many in collaboration with students, illustrators, lawyers in practice and technologists. Artistic talent varies as does the reliance on tools. The paper also explores tools that may help law teachers be more visual in how they explain concepts and principles in law.






Visual Law in Teaching