Specialised Government Publishing: the Law Pocket and Linked Legal Data in the Netherlands


  • Marc Van Opijnen Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Knowledge Center Official Publications
  • Hayo Schreijer
  • Ilja Andreas
  • Maarten Kroon


Access to legislation, user interfaces, open data, linked legal data


In the Netherlands an infrastructure for collecting, linking and disseminating legal public data is gradually being created. One of the first end-user applications built on this infrastructure is the Law Pocket: a free app with which government officials, lawyers, students and citizens have the up-to-date legislation from the national and regional level always at hand. It gives access to more than 3,400 automatically updated law books, containing full texts and linked resources. The app also gives access to a growing number of manually composed books on specific topics, edited and annotated by specialised civil servants. The backgrounds of this linked data project are described, as well as the main components of the architecture and the functionalities of the Law Pocket. Also its use, future work and position on the legal information market are discussed


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