Translating End-User License Agreements from English into Spanish


  • Mariana Orozco Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona


legal translation, localisation of legal texts, end user license agreements, cultural adaptation of legal texts, knowledge transfer to translation companies, translation process


The observation of the general practices of translation of End-User License Agreements from English into Spanish lead to the finding that some companies accounted for the difference between the legal requirements of the source text - the original text, in English - and the target text - the translated text, in Spanish - whilst others did not. This finding flagged up the need to improve the way in which professional translators approached the translation of these documents by providing them with the appropriate tools. Therefore, an application was created to provide all the necessary information in both the legal field - in the form of advice and links to Spanish and European statute law existing in the matter - and the linguistic field - in the form of a terminological database with specific advice for the translation key terms, a revised corpus with suggestions for translating typical clauses, and other tools that will be thoroughly explained in the article.

Author Biographies


Lecturer at Translation and Interpretation Department, Autonomous University of Barcelona

Mariana Orozco, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona


Department of Tanslation and Interpreting


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