Legivoc – connecting laws in a changing world

Hughes-Jehan Vibert, Pierre Jouvelot, Benoît Pin


On the Internet, legal information is a sum of national laws. Even in a changing world, law is culturally specific (nation-specific most of the time) and legal concepts only become meaningful when put in the context of a particular legal system. Legivoc aims to be a semantic interface between the subject of law of a State and the other spaces of legal information that it will be led to use. This project will consist of setting up a server of multilingual legal vocabularies from the European Union Member States legal systems, which will be freely available, for other uses via an application programming interface (API).


law; language; legal internet; legal informatics; thesauri; vocabularies; alignment; member states of the European Union


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Court of Justice of the European Union - Directorate General for Translation, Vocabulaire juridique multilingue comparé: Bilan sur l'étude de faisabilité (Caroline Reichling), 30 juin 2010, online http://curia.europa.eu/trad/bilan_vocabulaire_juridique_mutlilingue_compare.pdf (only in French)

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Full Text: PDF (English version) PDF (French version)


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