Legivoc – connecting laws in a changing world


  • Hughes-Jehan Vibert Ministry of Justice, France
  • Pierre Jouvelot MINES ParisTech
  • Benoît Pin MINES ParisTech


law, language, legal internet, legal informatics, thesauri, vocabularies, alignment, member states of the European Union


On the Internet, legal information is a sum of national laws. Even in a changing world, law is culturally specific (nation-specific most of the time) and legal concepts only become meaningful when put in the context of a particular legal system. Legivoc aims to be a semantic interface between the subject of law of a State and the other spaces of legal information that it will be led to use. This project will consist of setting up a server of multilingual legal vocabularies from the European Union Member States legal systems, which will be freely available, for other uses via an application programming interface (API).

Author Biographies

  • Hughes-Jehan Vibert, Ministry of Justice, France
    Hughes-Jehan Vibert is ICT project manager for the French Ministry of Justice (European and International Affairs Department). He's doctor of Law from the former IRETIJ (Institute of research for the treatment of the legal information, Montpellier University, France) and a former research fellow in the Institute of Law and Informatics (IFRI, Germany). For the French Ministry of Justice, Hughes-Jehan works with others partners from Africa and European Union countries in some legal informatics projects.
  • Pierre Jouvelot, MINES ParisTech
    Senior Research Scientist, working at the
    Computer Science Research Center of MINES ParisTech
  • Benoît Pin, MINES ParisTech
    Research engineer, working at the
    Computer Science Research Center of MINES ParisTech


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Data organization and legal informatics