Communication policy in European projects: to what extent non-expert users can better and easier perceive and understand the European legal framework


  • Sara Conti Institute of Legal Informatics and Judicial Studies (IGSG-CNR), Italy
  • Ginevra Peruginelli Institute of Legal Informatics and Judicial Studies (IGSG-CNR), Italy


Effective and clear communication on legal issues and related implications in EU-funded research and innovation projects is a fundamental requirement which allows partners to achieve project outcomes according to the EU legislation. As a matter of fact, law permeates every aspect of society and it has an undeniable impact in every daily activity under European projects tasks. Partners without legal background and expertise should be considered as “non-experts” when facing with legal information. In particular, the use of a specialized terminology, as it is language of the law, accentuates communication difficulties and prevents to this target group to understand and be understood.