Engineering Visual Contracts

Using If-Then Thinking to Develop Behavioral Drivers for Imaging



The UWA Comic Contracting project has had a number of successful implementations of their visual comic book contracts, and this paper will focus on one of the key interdisciplinary approaches, namely the engineering thinking that is developed to group behavioral drivers, and create legal images for contracts. The paper will draw from a number of examples, but will primarily focus on the Aurecon employment contract, which is now in its second year, and rolled out across a number of jurisdictions. The paper will touch on some of the key impact data from the Aurecon contract

Author Biographies

  • Camilla Andersen, UWA

    Prof Camilla Baasch Andersen, UWA Law School, Orcid id, see 

  • Adrian Keating, UWA

    A/Prof Adrian Keating, UWA School of Engineering, Orcid id, see